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Welcome to the world of transformational learning with Michael Jaco, where the extraordinary meets the actionable. If you're seeking to elevate your leadership, excel in business, nurture personal relationships, enhance health and fitness, or delve into the realms of intuition and spirituality, then look no further.

Michael Jaco, a distinguished former Navy SEAL and CIA operative, brings a wealth of life-altering experiences to the table.

What sets Michael apart is his unique ability to distill his vast expertise into actionable insights that propel you towards success and happiness. Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching, immersive video courses, insightful books, or engaging events and seminars, Michael offers a diverse array of resources tailored to your preferred learning style.

As a master training specialist, Michael has honed his craft by imparting invaluable wisdom to thousands, guiding them towards unprecedented levels of personal development. His mission is simple yet profound: to equip individuals with the skills and mindset necessary to conquer any challenge and seize every opportunity.

Through Michael's guidance, you'll unlock the secrets to unlocking your fullest potential and navigating the complexities of human achievement with ease. Join us on this transformative journey and embark on the path to a brighter, more fulfilling future. Take the first step today and let Michael Jaco illuminate your path to success.

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What Others Are Saying


Very good lectures and to the point. The content is so well structured that help us fully understand and feel the confidence to practice successfully. I am very happy to come across your courses.

Eliana E.12/27/2020

Thanks so much for helping all of us reach our true potential with all your many years of experience and expertise and having this course available. You’re an exceptional teacher and a real superhero. Many thanks


I signed up for this course because I've always wanted to explore what intuition is. My goal is not to become psychic, but rather to learn how I can make better gut decisions in business and life. Michael's vast understanding of how the mind works and where intuition comes from has helped me learn new strategies to improve in every aspect. Thank you, Michael, for leading me down a new, lifelong path of self-discovery.

James K.9/15/2018

Thank you for the information on quantum physics...someone tried to explain it to me yet I didn't get the same understanding that the "professor" gave us :)) Totally get it..we are in control of far more things than I ever thought about! Meditation was spectacular and will continue to use it and expand my mental journeys!


When I began this journey, I was not sure what to expect. I am impressed with the wealth and depth of knowledge Michael has put into these lectures. Very thankful to have found these courses.


As someone who is well read in the domestic and foreign Special Operations Forces literature genre, I took this course after reading the author’s Intuitive Warrior book many years ago. The information in Unleashing Intuition along with the meditations offers an “outside of the box” approach that can be applied to many life scenarios and tactical situations. The concepts and principles presented will dramatically alter the way you view the world. I highly recommend Jake’s trainings for veterans/civilians dealing with trauma as well as individuals going into high risk environments. If you are seeking to understand why things happen the way they do in life, then this course is for you.

Michael M.2/2/2019

When I first started lecture 3 I realized how negative my self talk was. I knew I would not proceed with a mucked up mind. I was shocked at how asleep I had been at the wheel. I owned everything in my life, I accepted total responsibility for what I had manifested and happily what I will be manifesting. After speaking and asking for forgiveness from my husband and my mother. I felt clear and then ready to begin lecture 3. I choose only to be a clear vessel for God’s work of light. The meditation was fantastic and I felt an ethereal energy surge immediately after; as if I had physically grown. My very level of perception and vision changed; I was seeing from a higher point in my body, and clearer, brighter! Like Dawn, I loved my world. Thank you Michael 🌟

Christy C.11/23/2020

I am so grateful to have stumbled across you Michael. I love how you are connecting the left and right brain, using Star Wars analogies. I remember being so blown away by all of the Star wars movies as a kid and it has stayed with me. I'm looking forward to the rest of the course. Meditation was amazing too. This all resonates with me and your experiences are a very tangible way for me to put your teachings into perspective. Thank You.